We are a private Canadian company active in property management.

We build and invest in a variety of industrial, commercial and office buildings.

What makes us different? Our Team is comprised of passionate, reliable, and dedicated members, providing excellence in service.

Our Core Values




Alluvia Real Estate is recognized for its Values of Integrity, Respect and Service, and for making decisions guided by the well-being of counterparties, employees, and tenants.


Our Properties

Alluvia Real Estate

We aim to be one of Canada’s top real estate developers and managers, recognized for its values, and commitment to our tenants, our people and our communities.

What Sets Us Apart




There are many buildings and many companies managing these buildings.  There are many standard services available, many outlying services that differentiates one company from the next.  But why choose Alluvia?  What makes Alluvia different from the rest?  What sets Alluvia apart from its competition?  Its’ Personalized Service, its Experienced Staff and its Sense of Community.

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