Our Team

Passionate, reliable and dedicated

Alluvia Real Estate is led by a group of experienced, passionate, reliable and dedicated members, each of whom bring diverse backgrounds and expertise to the Team, to provide excellence in service.


"We have been helping clients for generations,
and this commitment still stands today.
We treat our tenants with respect,

manage our properties
with a personalized service,
and promote transparent communication."

David Hewitt


"Our door is always open.
We are here to listen,

help find solutions when needed
or even celebrate your successes."

Roni Farah

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

"I have worked on countless renovation,
and construction projects,
and happy to share my expertise with you."

Cecily Ranger

Director, Property & Project Management

"I am here for YOU! To help fix any problem.
No job is too big or too small. In fact,
there is actually never a problem.
Only a solution."

Henry Diaz


"Should you have any financial questions
regarding an invoice or statement,
please do not hesitate to reach out."

Julie Dessureault

Chief Accountant & Treasury Analyst

"We work as a team to make
sound real estate investments."

Jonathan Chabot

Director, Investments

Our Team




Our Team is comprised of passionate, reliable, and dedicated members, providing excellence in service.

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